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Safety With Breast Pumps 101

 Breast pumps are an efficient way to stores nutrient-dense breast milk for your baby. These pumps are also effective at helping a mother increase her breast milk supply. However, there are some safety precautions that all new mothers should know about before implementing the use of breast pumps.

Don’t Use Second-Hand Breast Pumps 

First and foremost is to avoid a second-hand pump. While it may seem easy just to borrow your friend’s old pump that she’s not using, don’t do it. Sharing breast pumps can lead to a higher risk of contracting an illness. Your babies first few moths in the world are their most vulnerable. You don’t want to partake in any activity that could lead them to illness.

No matter how well you may clean these borrowed breast pumps, there are microorganisms that can withstand hot water and soap. Keep in mind that many Amcal breast pumps have the milk flow through the machine parts. This can leave milk drops that dry up and are not able to be reached during normal cleaning. Don’t ever risk it!

You may be wondering, what about hospital pumps? Yes, hospital pumps are designed for multiple users. These are closed systems that make it impossible for milk to get inside any of the components.


Ensure You Have The Right Side Shield 

Avent Breast Pump at Amcal come with different size shields, also called flanges. These are meant to help different size nipples comfortably use the pump without any unnecessary irritation to the breast tissue. If you don’t choose the right fit it could result in restricted milk flow and infection. We don’t want that.

Picking the right shield can be a hard process of trial and error. Your nipple size is what determines the correct size shield you should be using. The complicating parts are that your nipples change size as the are put to work and to make it even more difficult, your nipples are most likely two different sizes to begin with.

Yes, that’s right ladies. Just as most women have different size breasts, they have different size nipples as well. You should try a couple of different sizes on each breast. Make sure the shield is comfortable and you are getting a good supply of milk.

Clean Your Pump After Every Use 

This is an absolute must. Every single time you use your pump it needs to be dismantled and clean. It’s a good idea to consider this when you are shopping the breast pumps section. Look for Tommee Tippee Breast Pump at Amcal Online that are easy to take apart and don’t have too many components.

Your pump should come with a cleaning brush. If it doesn’t, make sure that you get one as you want to get into all the small sections to ensure you remove all potential leftover milk that could turn into harmful bacteria.

Taking the proper safety measures when using breast pumps is imperative to the health of your baby and your breasts. Take the time to do all of these safety steps to keep your baby healthy and happy.

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